Burda 2010-06-103/104 Vest and 2010-06-142 Wrap Skirt AKA Bev Hits the Sheets Again

Originally published June 2010

decided to wear my Burda Vest 2010-06-104 and Wrap Skirt 2010-06-142 regardless of the cold. I wear skirts in the winter when it’s really cold. Although, I do wear tights, slips and stay primarily indoors. The wind and the rain were outdoors. I should be OK inside. I was. But I was also cold. Before I share the journey of sewing with you would you like a peak at said vest and skirt?


Sure you would. But I want you to take a look at what I was wearing the day I finished the vest. Pretty plain eh? Ok to wear, especially at home. Definitely a step up from cut offs and zoris. But not quite finished either.


But with the vest. Oh my, what a difference. It’s just that step up that I’ve been wanting. I mean, I am retired. I don’t even have to get dressed. I love Monday mornings. I lay in bed every Monday until at least 10. Just because I can. But generally, I’d rather be just a little better dressed. Why? Well I like nice clothes. Yes I do AND I like wearing nice clothes AND I like sewing nice clothes. The first few months after I retired I was a typical bum. But I was unsatisfied with that. Eventually, I came to realize that I enjoy clothes and it was OK for me to dress nicely because I am comfortable in nice clothes. So sorry that you’re not. But that’s you and this is me. I’m OK with your more casual dress. Please be OK with my slightly dressed up looks. I promise I won’t be wearing formals. Not my kind of sewing.

Before we move to far from the photo, please note the nifty interior pockets holding my “toys” the PDA and Cell. You know I have to have my toys with me. That’s the main impetus for sewing vests.

But onto the sewing. This lovely vest is very very simple to make. There are 2 major pieces for view 103. View 104 has 1 major piece, the front. The back consists of 2 straps. Burda recommends a mesh band and Petersham ribbon to stabilize the edges, but you could substitute that with self fabric tubes, bias tape or decorative ribbons. Burda has you stitching bias tape around all the edges for finishing and using ribbon for the ties. I probably should have used the ribbon for the ties. This gold threaded cord is not entirely satisfactory and I may go back and replace it.

But being myself, I carefully read the Burda instructions and then did my own thing. I lined the vest. I cut 2 of everything, plus I fully interfaced one of everything. Why? Well my personal experience is that my vests need extra support along the front edge. Otherwise they curl; refuse to lay attractively flat. This may be due to the weight I expect my vest to carry. But even if it’s my fault, my solution is still correct. I also prefer a fully lined vest. A vest is normally small, this particular style has even less fabric. The full lining is my first choice for hiding all the interior construction. Even though I didn’t use the petersham this time as Burda recommended, I may do so in the future and I would certainly want that all neatly hidden inside a lining.

I have to tell you about this fabric. It is a very nice guaze print. Even coming out of the dryer it had hardly any wrinkles. Also, it didn’t fade in the least after a full hot wash and bake dry. I mention this because the fabric is sheeting. Well, it’s what the local store was selling as sheets. I purchased it thinking I would use it for the back of one of my scrappy quilts. For $5 it seemed like a great buy to make a full back for a cheap, scrappy quilt. I was impressed with the qualities of the fabric after it came out of the wash; with one negative. The negative is that I wouldn’t want sheets on my bed that are this thin. I want beefy, high thread-count sheets. I don’t want gauze. I didn’t buy these for sheeting and I knew at that price I couldn’t be getting a real high quality sheet. What I didn’t expect was the brilliant color-fast, summer-quality gauze fabric that I had in my hands. I did put it away, still intending to use it for quilt backs. In fact I bought several of the sheets at the same time for the same purpose. I folded them all away. 3 weeks later Burda Jun 2010 arrived and I had to make the Vest 103/104 and Wrap Skirt 142.

Now I’ll confess that I thought the vest had so few fitted pieces that fitting probably wasn’t necessary at all. I traced the pattern, cut the vest from my gauze. It really is a quick easy and may I add fun garment to sew. The most critical and time consuming part was getting the bias tape around the points. I finally settled for evenly pleated. I tried copious steam over a thousand pins. But finally just settled.

And that my friends is enough talk from me today. I have pics of the skirt now too. Tomorrow I will continue to share the sewing and fitting journey



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