Burda 2011-09-128 Live Model Pictures

Yes I’m still alive even after 4 days of rearranging the stash.


I did manage to wear my blouse on one day and take photos.  The blouse is comfortable to wear, except for the low front. As the day wore own and my body heat warmed the blouse it drooped lower and lower. I definitely need a dickie of some kind. My bottom button is too low and I ended up leaving it open. I had worried that my fabric would be too translucent, but it’s fine even in the pictures.  Once the starch an stabiliser was washed away it draped nicely.  Looking at the pics I would say I did not ver, solve all the problems at the tissue stage.


Let’s start with the back since that’s the area which concerned me so much at the tissue fit stage.  I still have a diagonal wrinkle from neckline to armpit, but only on the right.  To the left is a much smaller bubble. Both of which suggest to me that the blouse should be smoothed out across my shoulders.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to reach back there and do so.  I’m more concerned about the puddling just above the hips which suggests insufficient ease across the hips.  That’s rather surprising as the blouse has a good 8 inches of ease across my hips.


Part of the wrinkles seen here are due to the way I’m standing. The armscye seems to be a tish too low. I’m inclined to think the issue is the fabric warming and dropping.  If you look closely the hem seems to be uneven.  It seems to be higher in the back and lower in the front.  I think what’s going on here is a form of “Velcro but!”.  Velcro But! explains all the issues: uneven hem, puddles above hip and wrinkles above.  Too much fabric is being forced upwards.


The front on shows the same effect of the fabric being pushed up in the back and pulling with it the sides and pulling the center front apart. I do take note of the neckline pleats.  They were what attracted me to this blouse.  They need to be pressed. Hard pressed into sharp pleats.  I was hoping the fabric would drape into nice soft undulations and rolls.  Left to it’s own, the fabric is creating weird folds.


I think I like this pattern.  Will I use it again?  Can’t say for sure.  I’m wondering if I could fix this blouse by adding some weight at the hem.  If so, it’s too distinctive to have 2 in my wardrobe. If not, I like to make it in a different fabric. Something with a touch more body.  I would raise the neckline, which would raise all the buttons and the last button would not be too low. I also would recheck the armscye. I’m pretty sure the issue is with the fabric, but if the armscye is actually too low, I would do some petiting in the armscye.   I have noticed that blouse fashions are getting a little longer.  This is about mid-hip on me and works with most of my existing clothes. I like it and would keep the same length.  I might also want a long sleeve version– good for fall and winter. But this version is fine as a sleeveless (even with questions about the armscye), so I would borrow a sleeve and armscye depth from another pattern.


I do think that my unusual alterations fixed the problems noted in the tissue.  I was surprised having not seen those particular issue in other Burda tops.  AnnR commented upon the unusual armscye shape. I’ve admired AnnR for several years due to her wonderful sewing skills and fabulous garments.  Now I’m acquiring an appreciating for her ability to pick out the details of patterns.  Details which make or break a garment.



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