Still here Still Sewing

originally published Aug 10, 2011


.After that long spate of daily posts, I probably seem unusually quiet.   I have had some usual and unusual activities. DH needed new glasses which required a trip in one direction. I signed up for a Tech class on my sewing machine i.e. trip in the complete opposite direction. Then we have the normal monthly shopping, club meetings and activities.  I thought when I retired I have oodles and oodles of time to devote to my favorite activities.  Turns out, life has a way of filling time.  You have to protect time for your favorite activities or it gets sucked into doing other things.


I’m still working on Burda 2011-08-104.  I came to a screeching halt about a week ago.  Once again, I have managed to start a project with a clear vision and then depart radically step by step.   I had stitched out most but not all of the lace and pinned it on the sewn top. I could see immediately that the inspiration garment and this thing in front of me were hardly related.  I asked for suggestions at SG.  I have to say again what a supportive group this is; many suggested just completing the garment as is because it is “mine”.  I like this advice, but I really wanted to recreate closely the original garment.  So I started thinking and asking what happened?  First off Burda 2011-08-104 is not exactly the same as the inspiration garment.

Inspiration garment:

Burda 2011-08-104


I understood from the start they weren’t exactly the same.  The inspiration depends upon the lace to create shoulder straps in a raglan formation. Burda uses narrow straps in typical tank top formation with side zipper.  Inspiration  garment has some kind of gathering going in the center front.  Burda has bust darts and smooth center neckline. Inspiration garment has more fabric (and ease) across the hem.  Burda has a turned and stitched hem.


I understood about the shoulder straps.  I rather wanted Burda’s shoulder straps because I need to cover my br@ straps. Lace as in the inspiration isn’t going to cover the br@ strap.  At my age, I need a br@. I need to cover my br@ straps. I needed Burda’s shoulder straps and was willing to forgo the simplicity of the lace strap.  What I missed though was how the lace angled up to the neck in a raglan fashion.  I’m sure I could have altered the pattern to duplicate that angle, but I don’t want to. I’ve got a vest with the same angled shoulder straps.  I love the vest for many things, but it emphasizes my pear shape and narrow shoulders. I don’t want to duplicate the effect of the vest on any other garment —- ever again.


I rotated the darts to the shoulder so that 104 is like the inspiration but I don’t have the ease in the skirt or the gathering at the center front.


I also chose a solid, light yellow crepe fabric whereas the inspiration uses a grey and white print.


My lace is light yellow. The inspiration is white. Additionally, the yellow lace blended in with my fabric choice and is hardly visible whereas on the inspiration garment the lace immediately draws the eye.


My lace is similar to but clearly not the same as the inspiration garment.


So I’m now 8 steps from the inspiration, if not more.

  1.    straps instead of lace
  2.    straps not angled like lace
  3.    insufficient ease in skirt
  4.    no gathering at center front neckline
  5.    solid fabric vs print
  6.    light yellow vs grey and white print
  7.    yellow lace vs white lace
  8.    lace is not distinctive from the garment.


Each choice (made consciously or unconsciously) keeps me from achieving my goal of closely recreating the inspiration garment.  So now the question is how to correct my choices.  How to put me back on track.


I’m going to keep and use the lace as stitched out. As of this post, all my lace is stitched in the light yellow. It takes a long time to stitch out all that lace and it’s not exactly cheap.  The stabilizer is the most expensive item, but I’ve also got thread, bobbin and electricity tied up in this project.


So I’m keeping the yellow lace, which means I also want a yellow fabric. I don’t know what this says about me, but I went stash diving and found a yellow and grey print.  Again the print is not the same as the inspiration, but I think using a print will replicate the inspiration garment better than the solid. Unfortunately the yellow in the fabric is not exactly the same as the yellow in the lace.  I’m not sure if I need to address this or not,,, yet.


I can easily alter the pattern to include the gathering at the center neckline which will add the additional ease seen in the skirt.


  • straps instead of lace  NO CHANGE
  • straps not angled like lace NO CHANGE
  • insufficient ease in skirt  ALTER PATTERN
  • no gathering at center front neckline ALTER PATTERN
  • solid fabric vs print  USE PRINT FABRIC
  • light yellow vs grey and white print  USE GREY AND YELLOW PRINT
  • yellow lace vs white lace  NO CHANGE
  • lace is not distinctive from the garment. CREATE CONTRAST THROUGH PRINT FABRIC

So my plan is to fix the 5 things that can be easily fixed.  It does mean altering the pattern and sewing a 2nd garment. That leaves me with a very plain tank created from Burda 2011-08-104 and the decision of wearing it as it or adding something to juice it up a little.








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