The Angel Vest Burda 2010-05-123/124

originally published May 8, 2012




So called because of the front buttons:

I bought the buttons at least 11 years ago if not 12-13.  Several times I’ve pulled them out and tried to use one or both, but the project never seemed “right” until now.

This is one of the few Burda patterns I’ve traced and used again.  It is style 124 from May 2010 — with changes.

I traced a size 42, but leave the dart unstitched and skip the center plackettes, pockets are other details.  The plackettes are a nice detail I plan to do someday.   I like this vest very much having made and worn this one last year:

Constructed in March 2011

But I had the odd experience of catching a glimpse of myself in a large department store window.  I didn’t like the reflection.  The cut in shoulders have the same effect  as a steeply angled raglan sleeve.  I am a pear shaped person.  The steep angle makes me appear even shorter, with narrower shoulders and larger bottom half.  So while I like this vest, I needed to do something about it.  I added 1″ into the shoulder at the armscye edge, blending to zip before reaching bust level. Since I wanted the narrow shoulder I then redrew the neckline an inch wider.

The fabric, is a lightly crinkled rayon left over from the pajama pants made a few weeks ago. There was enough for a top, but I decided upon a vest because I wanted summer vests.  Most of the vests I have made are heavily interfaced and fully lined.  Makes for a nice looking vest that wears really well, but tends to add warmth.  This vest has my inside pockets, but large facings and minimal interfacing.  I accept that it will wear out quickly in exchange for being cooler to wear.

I’ve returned to my love of embroidery and placed 2 embroideries on each front and 1 in the center back.

The one the back turned into a patch.  The machine was embroidering away, finishing the center back.  I checked and saw it was almost finished. The machine stopped. I removed the hoop then I discovered the machine stopped because it had run out of thread just before completing but a large enough section that would be noticed if missed.  I did try realigning but never got really close. So I embroidered on a scrap, cut it into a square and appliqued the square or patch onto the back. Currently the vest is in the wash to remove the nasty looking water stains left when removing the the water soluble stabiliser.  And just because I love the embroidery so much, I’m finishing this post with a close up of the front embroidery.



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