Third Time Charm

originally published Sep 16 2012

.Ah see the big ol’ grin?

First Fitting

That’s because even unfinished this blouse feels good.  I still need to add the buttons which are a pink matching the flowers. I need to hem the blouse and I have planned some top stitching which will be in the same pink as the buttons and will make a nice contrasting finish.  Yes, I’m pleased; very pleased with this blouse at this point.

Third Version

The front still hints that ease is needed for the bust.  This is very typical for a blouse without darts–especially if you no longer need training bras.  You see those hints repeated in the side view, but I’m exceptionally pleased that there appears to be no tightness in the waist, tummy and hip areas or across the back.  I believe that I didn’t have the blouse really straightened upon my body which contributes to some of the drag lines on the back. However the side view

Blue line indicates how the hem is hanging

with its even hem supports the idea that a sway-back alteration may be in my future.  We call it a sway-back alteration but it can also be needed for large or high buttocks.  I believe I’ve developed larger buttocks due to a combination of health issues and regular stair climbing.  I’m curious about how the back seems to be swinging forward.  As if I still need more ease across the back even though I feel absolutely no tightness.  As I give it thought, the opposite may be true i.e. I may need additional ease in the front so that the back can drop into place.

My fabric is a 100% cotton fabric from Cranston Print Works Co.  I’ve had this 3.5 yards for a long time.  I believe that I may have originally purchased it with Home Dec items in mind.  However, those plans never materialized.  I’m happy to use it for fitting this pattern, Burda 2010-08-130.

I’m more than pleased with this blouse, I really want to know exactly what contributed to the success of this 3rd version.  To analyze that, I need many more words and will continue my analysis in future posts. 



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