I love Burda magazines.  I am currently  subscribed to the Womens (Plus sizes) and am evaluating the US electronic version. Initially I traced a Burda pattern and made various alterations.  However I have reached the point of feeling this too much work.  Between my standard BWL, NSA and now needing tweaks for my aging figure plus Burda consistently creating navel revealing necklines that are not appropriate in my life, well I am not tracing Burda styles.  I start with one of my TNT patterns (which already have standard and aging factors built in ) and apply Burda design details.  My Burda sewing has become more like Burda inspired. I dont mind.  Using this method takes much less time to develop the pattern and the fit is not only reliable but spot on for me. I just thought I should warn you because the fact is, I am not really using Burda patterns.